The Facts

A recent survey tells us that on average one in 200 cats and one in 300 dogs have diabetes mellitus


of pet owners consider quality of life to be adversely affected with diabetes

Here to help

We work hard to support our clients, ensuring that pet owners are able to cope long term with the management of diabetes in their pet.

There is clearly a huge role here for both vets and nurses in helping pet owners to give their pet a better quality of life.

Effects of diabetes


Diabetes may cause nerve damage making limbs hurt, tingle or feel numb


Prone to bladder infections


Problems can occur with the eyes, including blindness from cataracts


Your pet will drink more

Blood Sugar

Levels are persistently elevated

How to spot diabetes?

Although various breeds are pre-disposed, all breeds can be affected. Here are some common signs to look out for...

Drinking More

Peeing More


Increased Appetite

Weight Loss

Is diabetes mellitus treatable?

With appropriate management diabetes is a treatable condition. Whilst many cases are straightforward to treat, the daily and lifelong administration of injectable medications can be daunting for some clients and pets. Owners typically worry about injections, needles, holidays and cost.
 At Northwest Surgeons we run regular diabetic clinics to discuss these concerns and more!

What can you do?

Your dog or cat has been diagnosed with diabetes, so now it’s time to learn how to care for your pet. Although diabetes can’t be cured, the condition can be successfully managed with daily insulin injections and changes in diet and lifestyle. Successful diabetes management means your pet can lead a happy and active life.

Our specialist vets and nurses will work with you to ensure your pet's diabetes management includes all of these factors:


  • Planning meal times
  • What to feed and how much
  • Doesn't have to be expensive food


  • Regular exercise is important
  • Exercise routine affects insulin requirements


  • Obesity affects diabetes control
  • Weight management will improve quality of life

How can we help?

Diabetes management tutorials

Our tutorials will give you the
confidence to manage diabetes

Medicine specialists

Our specialists are on hand to dealwith any complications

Specialist hospital

Our hospital is fully equipped to
investigate any underlying problems

Our Specialist Diabetic Clinics

Speak to your vet and ask for referral to our team of medicine specialists.

Our aim is to employ current thinking in diabetes care to help deal with diet related concerns, exercise and use of most effective medications to give your pet the best chance of successful long term management from the outset.

We’re here if you need us.


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