Anaesthesia, Analgesia & Critical Care

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In anaesthesia and critical care, we combine supervision by European College of Veterinary Anaesthesia and Analgesia diplomates with full monitoring facilities, including arterial blood pressure, ECG, capnography, gas analysis, pulse oximetry and core temperature at all anaesthesia stations. We can deliver ventilation to all sizes of pet and have extensive on site laboratory facilities. Each anaesthetic is tailored to the individual pet’s circumstances by one of our specialist anaesthetists and each patient at Northwest receives an assessment of their pain before, during and after surgery. There is always an anaesthetist on call 24 hours a day so if you pet requires the best in anaesthesia and intensive care, you can rely on us.

The pain management service at Northwest Veterinary Specialists is run by Matt Gurney, Liz Leece, Miguel Martinez & Rui Pinelas RCVS & EBVS European Specialists in Anaesthesia & Analgesia. Chronic pain cases, such as arthritis pain, neuropathic pain and cancer pain are seen from within the hospital and also cases referred to us from primary vets. If you would like your pet to be referred to the chronic pain clinic, please discuss this with your vet. If you are a vet and would like to refer a case, please click here.

If you would like your pet to be referred to one of our pain specialists, you can ask your vet. Just ask them to pick up the phone and we will happily discuss your pet’s case with your vet prior to referral.

Each member of the clinical services team undergoes CPR training on an annual basis so we are fully prepared, whatever the emergency. The specialist team are involved in training local practitioners in resuscitation with the latest information.

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