Your first consultation lasts approximately 45 minutes. The specialist will take a full history, fully examine your pet and then discuss what investigations or treatment options are available, including details of any surgical options. Costs and payment arrangements will also be discussed at this time.

Usually routine investigations and/or surgical treatments are carefully scheduled. Our current waiting time is no more than two weeks, depending on your pet’s needs. The specialist will discuss these details with you at the first consultation. Urgent or emergency cases will be admitted and treated as soon as required. There is a waiting list of up to four weeks for total hip replacements at this time.

We recommend that you see your usual vet for reassessment. If your vet considers that your pet needs to be seen as an urgent case, they will call us to discuss in more detail.

We are not open for routine appointments at weekends or in the evenings. However, emergency appointments may be made by your usual vet following discussion with our duty surgeon.

Surgical treatment involves careful pre-operative assessment, including discussion of all aspects of treatment with the pet’s owner. Our surgeons will not be able to advise on the best treatment options until they have examined your pet, and discussed all the details and potential complications with you.